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Dragonball AF

Since there is much confusion about whether Dragonball AF is the real thing or a hoax, Maju V., supermoderator on our forum, has written an explanation on this subject:

If you don't feel like reading a whole lot of text, here is a summary of the following:

SHORT EXPLANATION: DBAF is fanfic/fanart, it's an unofficial story made by fans, not by the official mangaka (manga creator) of DB/DBZ. All the info you find on it is FALSE (accept the info that explains that DBAF is false or fanfic/fanart)

The Dragonball Epos exists out of 3 parts.2 were created by Akira Toriyama (DB & DBZ), the third one (DBGT) only got his support.
DB lasted from 1986 untill 1989 in Japan and 2001 'till 2003 in the US. There are 153 episodes and 4 movies, which tell the DB sagas in a different way.
DBZ lasted from 1989 'till 1996 in Japan and 1996 'till 2003 in the US. There are 291 episodes (uncut) and 13 movies. There are 2 specials and 1 OAV.
DBGT lasted from 1996 'till 1997 in Japan and 2003 'till 2004 in the US. There are 64 episodes and 1 movie.
After the GT-movie the Dragonball Epos stopped on tv. FOREVER! Not every movie has been released in English yet, but that won't last very long anymore.

Akira Toriyama has made 2 one-shots that were a parody on DBZ, named Neko Majin Z. YES, Toriyama made a parody of his OWN series! (manga can be found on toriyamaworld).

For the rest all that is found on the internet or your friends is fanart, fanfic and edited pictures of DB/DBZ/DBGT.
The Fanart: Drawings that look terrifyingly much like the DB-saga-characters. (Like This , This, This and a hellallot more if you google around a bit for DBAF pics.
Edited: Pure copies of existing DB/DBZ/DBGT pics, but edited with Photoshop and ~alike programs. (like This, This, Thisand so on... (long live google for that!)

Fanfic: Stories created by fans, for fans. Some people may have decided to name their story DBAF for some reason I don't care. In the Fanfic section on our forum you will see some fanfics on DB-series (though most are in dutch). Look around and you'll see.